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Urashima Takaokaya Furikake

Urashima Takaokaya Furikake

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Nori Goma (Seaweed & Sesame)
Seaweed & Sesame 2.10 oz Furikake 

Nori Ebi (Seaweed Shrimp)
Seaweed & Shrimp 1.94 oz Furikake 
Katsuo Nori Goma (Bonito & Seaweed Sesame) Bonito, Seaweed & Sesame with No Salt 1.94 oz 
Katsuo Mirin (Teriyaki Bonito)
Bonito 1.69 oz Furikake
No MSG Ao Nori Goma (Aonori & Sesame)
Seaweed & Sesame with No Salt 1.76 oz Furikake  No MSG, No Salt, Gluten Free

Ryokuo Yasai (Vegetable Mix) Veggie Mix 2.10 oz Furikake 

Goma Shio (Sesame & Salt)
Sesame & Salt 2.99 oz Furikake

Sake Tarako (Salmon & Cod Roe)
Salmon & Cod Roe 2.10 oz Furikake

Store at room temperature, avoiding direct sunlight, high temperature, and humidity. Consume as soon as possible after opening, regardless of the expiration date.

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